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now i’m aware that the white house has a vine, taking pandering to our generation to terrifying new levels

"white house vine coordinator" is probably the peak of some american university graduate’s political career

also i’m sorry for all the #collegeblogging but i don’t have any friends who are also in school so i have to get my ya-ya’s out on tumblr

feel free to unfollow at any time

don’t worry i would never actually hand in an essay with a joke title

don’t worry i would never actually hand in an essay with a joke title


Finally, when grief no longer has any definite object, but is extended over the whole of life, it is then to a certain extent a self-communion, a withdrawal, a gradual disappearance of the will, the visibility of which, namely the body, is imperceptibly but inwardly undermined by it, so that the person feels a certain loosening of his bonds, a mild foretaste of the death that proclaims itself to be the dissolution of the body and of the will at the same time. A secret joy therefore accompanies this grief; and I believe it is this that the most melancholy of all nations has called “the joy of grief.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation

writing an essay about my man here and half of me is like “CALM DOWN” and the other half is all “omg tru”

"how is the steak?"
"i have literally no idea how it tastes but all you rich motherfuckers seem to like it"

oh btw i got a manhattan waitress hell job at a restaurant in soho where regular ass sodas are $4 and there are no free refills

they make us enter thru a servants door and eat trash food in a stairwell and we can’t even order menu items or have shift drinks. i have to wear a dress without pockets